Saturday, April 30, 2011

Black Metal by Peter Beste

Peter Beste

Peter Beste was born in 1978 in Houston (Texas) and is a photographer, mostly known in the metal scene for his works about Black Metal.

Finishing university with a photography degree, Peter Beste starts his project which is picturing Norwegian black metal bands, in order to bring some esthetic in this movement. He stated in an interview: "I think it’s important to show the different sides of these people, because they obviously aren’t all bad and satanists. Black metal is far more complex than that, and so are my subjects."

Peter Beste2
Peter Beste3
Peter Beste4
Peter Beste5
Peter Beste6
Peter Beste7
Peter Beste8
Peter Beste9
Peter Beste10

Beauty Photography by Andre Turner

Andre Turner

Amazing photographs of beauties by Andre Turner, talented fashion and portrait photographer from Vladivostok, Russian Federation.

Andre Turner2
Andre Turner3
Andre Turner4
Andre Turner5
Andre Turner6
Andre Turner7
Andre Turner8
Andre Turner9
Andre Turner10

Photography by Jocelyn Catterson

Jocelyn Catterson

Jocelyn Catterson is talented female semi-professional photographer from Colorado. Jocelyn studying environmental photojournalism at the University of Montana.

Jocelyn Catterson2
Jocelyn Catterson3
Jocelyn Catterson4
Jocelyn Catterson5
Jocelyn Catterson6
Jocelyn Catterson7
Jocelyn Catterson8
Jocelyn Catterson9
Jocelyn Catterson10

Fashion Photography by Miguel Starcevich

Miguel Starcevich

Miguel Starcevich, born in Chicago, has lived in the Los Angeles area for the past thirteen years. His career as a photographer has involved and revolved around fashion. For over a decade he has artfully challenged the conventions of beauty and style.

Miguel’s work has been published both nationally and internationally including Flaunt,Soma,InStyle,Ocean Drive,Ocean Drive Espanol, Juxtapoz Magazine, Neuemode Magazine,LA confidential,HRH,Zink.

Miguel Starcevich2
Miguel Starcevich3
Miguel Starcevich4
Miguel Starcevich5
Miguel Starcevich6
Miguel Starcevich7
Miguel Starcevich8
Miguel Starcevich9
Miguel Starcevich10

Photography by Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Twenty-seven-year-old photographer Kyle Johnson loves shooting people, no matter whether its portraiture, fashion, or working with a band, which he does quite often in his current town of Seattle, Washington. His work has been featured in various publications such as The Stranger, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Sound Magazine, COG, Juxtapoz, Fixed, and many more.

Kyle Johnson2
Kyle Johnson3
Kyle Johnson4
Kyle Johnson5
Kyle Johnson6
Kyle Johnson7
Kyle Johnson8
Kyle Johnson9
Kyle Johnson10
Kyle Johnson11
Kyle Johnson12
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Kyle Johnson14
Kyle Johnson15