Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Advertising Photography by Craig Orsini

Craig Orsini

Craig Orsini has more energy than his family beagle. The father of three has been a photographer since the “early days” of digital, jumping on board in the 90′s when he opened a still life studio in Boston. But while the precision of still life spoke to the organized side of his brain, his sense of humor and love of people were severely undernourished. Fast forward to 2000 and Craig’s decision to begin concentrating on large productions with people and humor as a central focus. The idea caught on in Boston and elsewhere. A profile in PDN and a handful of awards followed with work featured in Archive, Communication Arts and The Kelly Awards.
A fixture in the Boston area, he is big on collaboration, often spending lots of time in conversations with creatives and clients at the onset of a project and never shy with ideas or problem-solving solutions. Craig has established a national reputation with his “still photography” and has now teamed up with Element Productions as director for “motion capture”. Craig has been shooting and directing for clients such as GMC, Dunkin Donuts, Scripps Network (foodchannel, DIY, HGTV), PTC,Carnival Cruise Lines, Zipcar, Banana Boat, Bose, TomTom GPS, and McDonald’s.

Craig Orsini2
Craig Orsini3
Craig Orsini4
Craig Orsini5
Craig Orsini6
Craig Orsini7
Craig Orsini8
Craig Orsini9
Craig Orsini10
Craig Orsini11
Craig Orsini12
Craig Orsini13
Craig Orsini14
Craig Orsini15
Craig Orsini16
Craig Orsini17
Craig Orsini18
Craig Orsini19
Craig Orsini20
Craig Orsini21
Craig Orsini22
Craig Orsini23
Craig Orsini24
Craig Orsini25
Craig Orsini26
Craig Orsini27
Craig Orsini28
Craig Orsini29
Craig Orsini30

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