Monday, October 10, 2011

White Sea by Viktor Lyagushkin

Viktor Lyagushkin

Another underwater gallery by Viktor Lyagushkin. Two-time world champion free diver Natalia Avseenko swims with the white whales in the White Sea. The water temperature minus 1.5. Polar circle, Russia.
Viktor Lyagushkin2
Viktor Lyagushkin3
Viktor Lyagushkin4
Viktor Lyagushkin5
Viktor Lyagushkin6
Viktor Lyagushkin7
Viktor Lyagushkin8
Viktor Lyagushkin9
Viktor Lyagushkin10
Viktor Lyagushkin11
Viktor Lyagushkin12
Viktor Lyagushkin13
Viktor Lyagushkin14
Viktor Lyagushkin15
Viktor Lyagushkin16
Viktor Lyagushkin17
Viktor Lyagushkin18
Viktor Lyagushkin19
Viktor Lyagushkin20
Viktor Lyagushkin21
Viktor Lyagushkin22
Viktor Lyagushkin23
Viktor Lyagushkin24
Viktor Lyagushkin25
Viktor Lyagushkin26
Viktor Lyagushkin27
Viktor Lyagushkin28
Viktor Lyagushkin29
Viktor Lyagushkin30
Viktor Lyagushkin31
Viktor Lyagushkin32
Viktor Lyagushkin33
Viktor Lyagushkin34
Viktor Lyagushkin35
Viktor Lyagushkin36
Viktor Lyagushkin37
Viktor Lyagushkin38

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