Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fashion Photography by Sam Hessamian

Sam Hessamian

Sam Hessamian is talented fashion photographer currently based in New York City, USA. Sexy, sultry, moody, smoky eyes, dark full lips, seedy hotel rooms - this is what Sam Hessamian’s photography is all about. His black-and-white prints convey striking emotion befitting the world of fashion, from simple facial expressions to behind-the-scenes stills to lone figures amidst urban architecture. It says on Sam’s website that he found his interest in photography while studying film.
Sam Hessamian2
Sam Hessamian3
Sam Hessamian4
Sam Hessamian5
Sam Hessamian6
Sam Hessamian7
Sam Hessamian8
Sam Hessamian9
Sam Hessamian10
Sam Hessamian11
Sam Hessamian12
Sam Hessamian13
Sam Hessamian14
Sam Hessamian15
Sam Hessamian16
Sam Hessamian17
Sam Hessamian18

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