Thursday, October 6, 2011

Glamour Photography by René Habermacher

Rene Habermacher

Swiss-born/Paris based fashion photographer, René Habermacher has worked for publications such as Numéro Paris, Numéro Tokyo, V Magazine, Pop Magazine, Vogue Nippon, Vogue Germany, and L’Officiel. Rene started as an illustrator, winning numerous prizes (see his beautiful Kate Moss illustration below for Numero magazine), then decided to go into fashion photography, where he’s now shoot with the most prestigious models for luxury publications. His commercial clients include Bulgari, L’Oréal, and Nieman Marcus.

Rene Habermacher2
Rene Habermacher3
Rene Habermacher4
Rene Habermacher5
Rene Habermacher6
Rene Habermacher7
Rene Habermacher8
Rene Habermacher9
Rene Habermacher10
Rene Habermacher11

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