Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fashion Photography by Alasdair McLellan

Alasdair McLellan

Alasdair McLellan is one of the leading fashion photographers of his generation. Joining i-D after depicting club culture in Leeds in the late 90s, Alasdair is a regular and valued contributor for the magazine. Born in 1974, Alasdair bought his first camera aged 13 and was inspired to pursue a career in photography when he began taking pictures of friends as a teenager, going on to study photography in Nottingham. After moving to London, his work caught the attention of stylist Simon Foxton, who commissioned his first shoot for i-D. With a distinctly British sensibility that informs i-D’s current visual identity, his memorable portraits of Morrissey and cover story with Lily Allen bear witness to this wit and style. A regular contributor to Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue and Self Service, Alasdair has also worked on advertising campaigns for Aquascutum, Emporio Armani, Alexander McQueen and Topman. Alasdair believes that photography should be personal and loves the possibility of creating any kind of world through its medium.
Alasdair McLellan2
Alasdair McLellan3
Alasdair McLellan4
Alasdair McLellan5
Alasdair McLellan6
Alasdair McLellan7
Alasdair McLellan8
Alasdair McLellan9
Alasdair McLellan10
Alasdair McLellan11
Alasdair McLellan12
Alasdair McLellan13
Alasdair McLellan14
Alasdair McLellan15
Alasdair McLellan16
Alasdair McLellan17
Alasdair McLellan18
Alasdair McLellan19
Alasdair McLellan20
Alasdair McLellan21
Alasdair McLellan22
Alasdair McLellan23
Alasdair McLellan24
Alasdair McLellan25
Alasdair McLellan26
Alasdair McLellan27
Alasdair McLellan28
Alasdair McLellan29
Alasdair McLellan30
Alasdair McLellan31
Alasdair McLellan33
Alasdair McLellan34
Alasdair McLellan35
Alasdair McLellan36
Alasdair McLellan37
Alasdair McLellan38
Alasdair McLellan39
Alasdair McLellan40
Alasdair McLellan41
Alasdair McLellan42
Alasdair McLellan43
Alasdair McLellan44
Alasdair McLellan45
Alasdair McLellan46
Alasdair McLellan47
Alasdair McLellan48
Alasdair McLellan49
Alasdair McLellan50

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