Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black and White Underwater Photography by Dustin Humphrey

Dustin Humphrey

Dustin Humphrey is surfing’s most in demand photographer. His experimental approach to never-before-seen angles, themes, and equipment coupled with his monstrous work ethic makes Dustin Humphrey the most important surf photographer since Art Brewer. Over the past four years, Dustin’s work hasn’t only transformed the magazines he works with into category leaders, but it’s reinvigorated the entire world of surf photojournalism.

Whether he’s swimming in the impact zone on Oahu’s dreaded North Shore or leaning out the window of a helicopter over a desertscape in Western Australia or straddling a WaveRunner somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific, Dustin’s images vary widely in subject matter and style, but they share a similar iconic quality that’s propelled him to the forefront of surf photography.
Dustin Humphrey has also led surfing back to ultra-exotic travel. His forays into Indonesia rainforests, Sri Lanka’s Tamil coast, and the vast emptiness of Kenya’s wilderness have restoked the passion for discovery among surfers and fellow members of the media. His recent work in the Mediterranean has put places like Rome, Alexandria, and Sardinia on the map as true surf destination. Dustin’s coverage of and participation in the relief effort after the Boxing Day 2004 tidal wave devastated much of coastal Southeast Asia was revolutionary in the surf community, prompting an outpouring of support and attention from a community that typically insulates itself from world affairs.
Dustin’s work has been featured in dozens of surf and action-sports lifestyle magazines around the world, including: TransWorld Surf Magazine (USA), Surfing Magazine (USA), Surf Europe (England), The Surfers Journal (USA), The Surfers Journal (Europe), Surf Session (France), Surf Trip (Italy), Fluir (Brazil), Surf Time (Indonesia), Action Sports Asia (Singapore), Waves (Australia), Tracks (Australia), Australian Surfing Life (Australia), Paper Plane (Australia), and Monster Children (Australia).
Dustin Humphrey2
Dustin Humphrey3
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