Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black and White Street Portraits by Brett Walker

Brett Walker

Brett Walker stated that street shooting gives him the opportunity to over come some fear barriers - a chance to exercise some of his demons - that somewhere inside of us all, we know when it’s okay to take a shot and when it’s not, and that the times he gets “caught” are the times that he is desperate to get a shot, and stops following his own rules. Then the subject gets mad and all he can do is apologize, “and go sit in a café and say, fuck”.
Brett Walker2
Brett Walker3
Brett Walker4
Brett Walker5
Brett Walker6
Brett Walker7
Brett Walker8
Brett Walker9
Brett Walker10
Brett Walker11
Brett Walker12
Brett Walker13
Brett Walker14
Brett Walker15
Brett Walker16
Brett Walker17
Brett Walker18
Brett Walker19
Brett Walker20
Brett Walker21
Brett Walker22
Brett Walker23
Brett Walker24
Brett Walker25
Brett Walker26
Brett Walker27
Brett Walker28
Brett Walker29
Brett Walker30

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