Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fashion Photography by Justin Ridler

Justin Ridler

In 21 Justin Ridler was already a recognized photographer, still life, when suddenly he decided to change direction and started shooting fashion and advertising. Now Justin is one of Australia’s leading photographers, collaborating with companies such as Toyota, Sprite, Nissan, Ambra, Levante and Universal Music. He has shot for Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Oyster. He is signed to The Artist Group, which also has the likes of Ben Watts, Georges Antoni, Chris Colls and David Mandelberg on its books.
Justin Ridler2
Justin Ridler3
Justin Ridler4
Justin Ridler5
Justin Ridler6
Justin Ridler7
Justin Ridler8
Justin Ridler9
Justin Ridler10
Justin Ridler11
Justin Ridler12
Justin Ridler13
Justin Ridler14
Justin Ridler15
Justin Ridler16
Justin Ridler17
Justin Ridler18

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