Sunday, October 9, 2011

Advertising Photography by Frieke Janssens

Frieke Janssens

Frieke Janssens is a leading advertising photographer of Belgium. Excellent sense of humor, creativity and realisation. Frieke was born in 1980 in Brussels. Since 2003, worked as freelance photographer.
Frieke Janssens2
Frieke Janssens3
Frieke Janssens4
Frieke Janssens5
Frieke Janssens6
Frieke Janssens7
Frieke Janssens8
Frieke Janssens9
Frieke Janssens10
Frieke Janssens11
Frieke Janssens12
Frieke Janssens13
Frieke Janssens14
Frieke Janssens15
Frieke Janssens16

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