Sunday, October 9, 2011

Creative Photography by Lyndon Wade

Lyndon Wade

Lyndon Wade is a NYC based commercial photographer, who shoots for world’s most famous ad agencies: ads for Nintendo, Sony, Virgin, Sprite… and many others. His portfolio has some interesting subject matter along with complete narratives within each image. Though his style ranges from slick corporate advertising images, to surrealistic multi-image composites, they all tell a story that goes beyond merely what we see in the image.
Lyndon Wade2
Lyndon Wade3
Lyndon Wade4
Lyndon Wade5
Lyndon Wade6
Lyndon Wade7
Lyndon Wade8
Lyndon Wade9
Lyndon Wade10
Lyndon Wade11
Lyndon Wade12
Lyndon Wade13
Lyndon Wade14
Lyndon Wade15
Lyndon Wade16
Lyndon Wade17
Lyndon Wade18
Lyndon Wade19
Lyndon Wade20
Lyndon Wade21
Lyndon Wade22
Lyndon Wade23
Lyndon Wade24
Lyndon Wade25
Lyndon Wade26
Lyndon Wade27
Lyndon Wade28
Lyndon Wade29
Lyndon Wade30
Lyndon Wade31
Lyndon Wade32
Lyndon Wade33
Lyndon Wade34
Lyndon Wade35
Lyndon Wade36
Lyndon Wade37
Lyndon Wade38
Lyndon Wade39
Lyndon Wade40
Lyndon Wade41
Lyndon Wade42
Lyndon Wade43
Lyndon Wade44
Lyndon Wade45
Lyndon Wade46
Lyndon Wade47
Lyndon Wade48
Lyndon Wade49
Lyndon Wade50
Lyndon Wade51
Lyndon Wade52
Lyndon Wade53
Lyndon Wade54
Lyndon Wade55
Lyndon Wade56
Lyndon Wade57
Lyndon Wade58
Lyndon Wade59
Lyndon Wade60
Lyndon Wade61
Lyndon Wade62
Lyndon Wade63
Lyndon Wade64
Lyndon Wade65
Lyndon Wade66
Lyndon Wade67
Lyndon Wade68
Lyndon Wade69
Lyndon Wade70

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