Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celebrity Photography by Lionel Deluy

Lionel Deluy

Born in the south of France and currently residing and working in Los Angeles and New York, Lionel Deluy is considered to be one of the top celebrity photographers in the world. His career spans from fashion photography for magazines like French Photo, Elle, Vogue and GQ, to stunning ad campaigns for companies like Reebok, Haagen-Dazs, Dita Eyewear and Ed Hardy.

Today, his images appear on numerous billboards, magazine covers, album covers, websites and in print & internet advertising, books and critically acclaimed exhibitions.

Known for capturing the inner truths of his subjects, Lionel has photographed some of the worlds most renowned celebrities, artists and musicians such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Hefner, Lil’ Wayne, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and over 200 more. In addition to doing the photography for Kat Von D’s best selling book “High Voltage Tattoo”, Lionel recently appeared as a guest judge and photographer on “America’s Next Top Model”.

Lionel Deluy2
Lionel Deluy3
Lionel Deluy4
Lionel Deluy5
Lionel Deluy6
Lionel Deluy7
Lionel Deluy8
Lionel Deluy9
Lionel Deluy10
Lionel Deluy11
Lionel Deluy12
Lionel Deluy13
Lionel Deluy14
Lionel Deluy15
Lionel Deluy16
Lionel Deluy17
Lionel Deluy18
Lionel Deluy19
Lionel Deluy20
Lionel Deluy21
Lionel Deluy22
Lionel Deluy23
Lionel Deluy24
Lionel Deluy25
Lionel Deluy26
Lionel Deluy27
Lionel Deluy28
Lionel Deluy29
Lionel Deluy30
Lionel Deluy31
Lionel Deluy32
Lionel Deluy33
Lionel Deluy34
Lionel Deluy35
Lionel Deluy36
Lionel Deluy37
Lionel Deluy38
Lionel Deluy39
Lionel Deluy40
Lionel Deluy41
Lionel Deluy42
Lionel Deluy43
Lionel Deluy44
Lionel Deluy45
Lionel Deluy46
Lionel Deluy47
Lionel Deluy48
Lionel Deluy49
Lionel Deluy50

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