Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion Photography by Chidi Achara

Chidi Achara

Chidi Achara began by taking pictures of his friends hanging out at high school and to this day continues to be inspired by the energy of youth culture. He graduated from Cambridge University and relocated to London, working with photographers such as Nick Knight and Nadav Kander.
Chidi graduated from Cambridge University and worked at renowned advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) prior to launching his career in fashion photography. His clients have included i-D, Jalouse, Arena, Levi’s, Pepe, Galeries Lafayette (Paris) and Alexander McQueen amongst others.
His work has also featured in several Taschen publications including "i-D Fashion Now 2"; "Safe+Sound" and "Soul i-D" - as well as exhibitions in London, Paris and New York.
Chidi Achara2
Chidi Achara3
Chidi Achara4
Chidi Achara5
Chidi Achara6
Chidi Achara7
Chidi Achara8
Chidi Achara9
Chidi Achara10
Chidi Achara11
Chidi Achara12
Chidi Achara13
Chidi Achara14
Chidi Achara15

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