Wednesday, October 12, 2011

X-ray Photography by Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey is a British photographer working primarily with images created from X-ray imaging. Some of his works are partial photomanipulations with Photoshop. He therefore, works with digital artists to realise his creations.
Born in London in 1962, he worked in the advertising and design industries and pursued work in conventional still photography before being asked to X-ray a cola can for a television show. Veasey also X-rayed the shoes he was wearing on the day and upon showing the finished image to an art director, was galvanised by the response it provoked.

He lives near Maidstone, England. His work has featured in many international advertising campaigns and adorned products and packaging worldwide, notably Adobe’s Creative Suite livery and Lenor/Downy fabric conditioner.

In 2009, a major exhibition of works began at Maddox Fine Arts in Mayfair, London. Artworks are also exhibited in galleries internationally, with exhibitions running in 2010 in Europe, N America and Asia.
Nick Veasey2
Nick Veasey3
Nick Veasey4
Nick Veasey5
Nick Veasey6
Nick Veasey7
Nick Veasey8
Nick Veasey9
Nick Veasey10
Nick Veasey11
Nick Veasey12
Nick Veasey13
Nick Veasey14
Nick Veasey15
Nick Veasey16
Nick Veasey17
Nick Veasey18
Nick Veasey19
Nick Veasey20
Nick Veasey21
Nick Veasey22
Nick Veasey23
Nick Veasey24
Nick Veasey25
Nick Veasey26
Nick Veasey27
Nick Veasey28
Nick Veasey29
Nick Veasey30
Nick Veasey31
Nick Veasey32
Nick Veasey33
Nick Veasey34
Nick Veasey35
Nick Veasey36
Nick Veasey37
Nick Veasey38
Nick Veasey39
Nick Veasey40
Nick Veasey41
Nick Veasey42
Nick Veasey43

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