Sunday, October 2, 2011

Creative Photography by Briony Ridley

Briony Ridley

Melbourne, Australia-based photographer Briony Ridley doesn’t have a clearcut genre. Her photographs stand out by ranging from a reporter in a burning building, to a fashion photograph, and even to a plain picture of a building.

Briony Ridley2
Briony Ridley3
Briony Ridley4
Briony Ridley5
Briony Ridley6
Briony Ridley7
Briony Ridley8
Briony Ridley9
Briony Ridley10
Briony Ridley11
Briony Ridley12
Briony Ridley13
Briony Ridley14
Briony Ridley15
Briony Ridley16
Briony Ridley18
Briony Ridley17
Briony Ridley19
Briony Ridley20
Briony Ridley21
Briony Ridley22
Briony Ridley23

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