Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion Photography by Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin

Guy Louis Bourdin born Guy Louis Banarès, was a French fashion photographer. Guy Louis Banarès was born December 2, 1928, at 7 Rue Popincourt, Paris. He was abandoned by his mother the following year, and was adopted by Maurice Désiré Bourdin, who brought him up with the help of his mother Marguerite Legay. During his military service in Dakar, he received his first photography training as a cadet in the French Air Force.

In 1950 he returned to Paris, where he met Man Ray, and became his protégé. Bourdin made his first exhibition of drawings and paintings at Galerie, Rue de la Bourgogne, Paris. His first photographic exhibition was in 1952. Bourdin exhibited under the pseudonym Edwin Hallan in his early career.
Guy Bourdin2
Guy Bourdin3
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