Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion Photography by Steven Lippman

Steven Lippman

Steven Lippman, born February 8th 1964, is an accomplished American photographer. Raised in Los Angeles on a steady diet of TV dinners and soda pop, Steven is famous for producing images that exemplify a mood gripped with the texture of a unique lifestyle that he helped create. A former professional skateboarder and surfer, Steven has been at the epicenter of the vintage California beach culture his entire life. Steven is an influential fixture in Malibu, a loving husband, and a father of two.

Steven Lippman2
Steven Lippman3
Steven Lippman4
Steven Lippman5
Steven Lippman6
Steven Lippman7
Steven Lippman8
Steven Lippman9
Steven Lippman10
Steven Lippman11
Steven Lippman12
Steven Lippman13
Steven Lippman14
Steven Lippman15
Steven Lippman16
Steven Lippman17
Steven Lippman18
Steven Lippman19

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