Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glamour Photography by Jay Tablante

Jay Tablante

Jay Tablante’s so-called professional career started with shooting model-wannabe friends in college. It was funny to note that when his friends submitted them to auditions and casting calls, one particular client asked about the photographer (Jay) and not the model auditioning. From then on, it was the start of a love-hate relationship with photography that has spanned seven years and counting.

As a self-confessed geek, most of Jay’s personal work revolves around paying homage to the icons and characters in his youth. That’s why you get to see superheroes and comic book characters in most of his portfolio. The commercial stuff is still there of course, but that’s bread and butter. Isn’t exactly breathtaking to showcase mundane shots of people holding credits cards, bottles, and product shots of toilets.
Jay Tablante2
Jay Tablante3
Jay Tablante4
Jay Tablante5
Jay Tablante6
Jay Tablante7
Jay Tablante8
Jay Tablante9
Jay Tablante10
Jay Tablante11
Jay Tablante12
Jay Tablante13
Jay Tablante14
Jay Tablante15
Jay Tablante16
Jay Tablante17
Jay Tablante18
Jay Tablante19
Jay Tablante20
Jay Tablante21
Jay Tablante22
Jay Tablante23
Jay Tablante24
Jay Tablante25

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