Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vintage Photography by Neil Krug

Neil Krug

Neil Krug’s photography and directorial video work often touches on a rough, vintage, psychedelic feel. In other work, he captures the simple beauty of landscapes as well as the female form.

His body of work is a range of music videos & photography for such bands as My Chemical Romance, Ratatat, Devendra Banhart, Ladytron, The Horrors, Tame Impala, First Aid Kit, Canyons, Sea Wolf, Juan Atkins, Sinner DC, The Pierces, Dri, and White Flight.
Neil Krug2
Neil Krug3
Neil Krug4
Neil Krug5
Neil Krug6
Neil Krug7
Neil Krug8
Neil Krug9
Neil Krug10

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