Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advertising Photography by Fulvio Bonavia

Fulvio Bonavia

Fulvio Bonavia is an award-winning Italian photographer. Though he has shot ad campaigns for a wide range of international clients, such as Adidas, Heineken, Swatch, Amnesty International, and Alitalia, he is best known for his campaigns for automotive companies including Jaguar, BMW, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Daimler-Chrysler, and Audi.

Prior to establishing himself as a photographer, Bonavia worked as a graphic designer and movie-poster illustrator. In 2008, Hachette Australia published A Matter of Taste, a book featuring Bonavia’s conceptual photos of food as fashion-corn espadrilles, aubergine slippers, and a tagliatelle belt, for example. A French edition of A Matter of Taste was published in 2009, and a selection of images from the book was exhibited at the La Grande Epicerie in Paris.

Fulvio Bonavia2
Fulvio Bonavia3
Fulvio Bonavia4
Fulvio Bonavia5
Fulvio Bonavia6
Fulvio Bonavia7
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Fulvio Bonavia9
Fulvio Bonavia10
Fulvio Bonavia11
Fulvio Bonavia12
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