Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advertising Photography by Martijn Oort

Martijn Oort

Creative automotive and advertising photographer by Martijn Oort, talanted photographer, based in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Martijn started working self-employed in 1988, after being an assistent for 9 years. First he worked in his studio in Amsterdam, but now he only shoot on location. Oort specialized in car, landscape and people-photography.

Martijn Oort2
Martijn Oort3
Martijn Oort4
Martijn Oort5
Martijn Oort6
Martijn Oort7
Martijn Oort8
Martijn Oort9
Martijn Oort10
Martijn Oort11
Martijn Oort12
Martijn Oort13

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