Wednesday, September 28, 2011

70 Fashion Photographs by Jean-Francois Campos

Jean-Francois Campos

Jean-François Campos was born in Aix-en-Provence in 1966. He embarked on his career as a photographer in 1988 during a visit to Berlin. He continued this photo report in 1989, before, during and after the fall of the Berlin wall and his work was shown in the "Berlin à coeur ouvert" exhibition at the FNAC in 1990.

The same year, he won two prizes, from the Fondation Angnénieux and the Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe de la méditerranée. His work was shown in the "Vieille Charité" in the centre of Marseille and the "Espace photographique" in Paris.

From 1990 to 1993, he was a member of Agence Editing. In 1991, he was commissioned by the Marseille public transport department to do a photo report on life beside the sea, which was shown in 1992. The same year, he embarked on a long-term contract with the newspaper Libération, which continued until 1996.
In this capacity, he photographed Jacques Chirac during the seven months of the presidential campaign, and more recently, the critical situation of Rwandan refugees in Northern Zaire.

He joined Agence VU in July 1995 when he was covering the Avignon Festival, and a few weeks later his photographs of Jacques Chirac’s campaign were exhibited at the International Festival of Photo-journalism in Perpignan.

In 1996, he was awarded the World Press Photo Foundation Masterclass prize for his work with Libération, and also the Centre National de la Photographie (French Photography Centre) Moins Trente (Under Thirty) prize.
Jean-Francois Campos2
Jean-Francois Campos3
Jean-Francois Campos4
Jean-Francois Campos5
Jean-Francois Campos6
Jean-Francois Campos7
Jean-Francois Campos8
Jean-Francois Campos9
Jean-Francois Campos10
Jean-Francois Campos11
Jean-Francois Campos12
Jean-Francois Campos13
Jean-Francois Campos14
Jean-Francois Campos15
Jean-Francois Campos16
Jean-Francois Campos17
Jean-Francois Campos18
Jean-Francois Campos19
Jean-Francois Campos20
Jean-Francois Campos21
Jean-Francois Campos22
Jean-Francois Campos23
Jean-Francois Campos24
Jean-Francois Campos25
Jean-Francois Campos26
Jean-Francois Campos27
Jean-Francois Campos28
Jean-Francois Campos29
Jean-Francois Campos30
Jean-Francois Campos31
Jean-Francois Campos32
Jean-Francois Campos33
Jean-Francois Campos34
Jean-Francois Campos35
Jean-Francois Campos36
Jean-Francois Campos37
Jean-Francois Campos38
Jean-Francois Campos39
Jean-Francois Campos40
Jean-Francois Campos41
Jean-Francois Campos42
Jean-Francois Campos43
Jean-Francois Campos44
Jean-Francois Campos45
Jean-Francois Campos46
Jean-Francois Campos47
Jean-Francois Campos48
Jean-Francois Campos49
Jean-Francois Campos50
Jean-Francois Campos51
Jean-Francois Campos52
Jean-Francois Campos53
Jean-Francois Campos54
Jean-Francois Campos55
Jean-Francois Campos56
Jean-Francois Campos57
Jean-Francois Campos58
Jean-Francois Campos59
Jean-Francois Campos60
Jean-Francois Campos61
Jean-Francois Campos62
Jean-Francois Campos63
Jean-Francois Campos64
Jean-Francois Campos65
Jean-Francois Campos66
Jean-Francois Campos67
Jean-Francois Campos68
Jean-Francois Campos69
Jean-Francois Campos70

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