Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fashion Photography by Rasmus Mogensen

Rasmus Mogensen

Rasmus Mogensen is a Danish photographer, primarily known for his beauty and fashion photography. He is the grandson of Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen.

Mogensen had his first independent photo exhibition at age 17 at the Gallery Photografica in Copenhagen. He began his career as a professional photographer working as a photo assistant in Copenhagen and New York, and is now based in Paris. He has shot for various international fashion magazines and made numerous worldwide fashion and beauty advertising campaigns.

An advertising campaign Mogensen was involved in for JBS Underwear won a gold medal in the "Press, Poster and Techniques" category at the 2007 Epica Awards.
Rasmus Mogensen2
Rasmus Mogensen3
Rasmus Mogensen4
Rasmus Mogensen5
Rasmus Mogensen6
Rasmus Mogensen7
Rasmus Mogensen8
Rasmus Mogensen9
Rasmus Mogensen10
Rasmus Mogensen11
Rasmus Mogensen12
Rasmus Mogensen13
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Rasmus Mogensen15
Rasmus Mogensen16
Rasmus Mogensen17
Rasmus Mogensen18
Rasmus Mogensen19
Rasmus Mogensen20
Rasmus Mogensen21
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