Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion Photography by Paolo Esposito

Paolo Esposito

Paola Esposito always wanted to be a photographer. His father set hmi on the road when Paolo was 12 years old by giving him his first camera. While still at school, the young Paolo persevered with photography and started earning money from photographs for a local magazine.

Paolo started photographing for a local magazine during his school vacation. At 20 he moved to Milan to study professional advertising and fashion photography. After graduation from the European Institute of Design, he assisted for a number of photographers before going out on his own. He now runs the Insight Studio in Milan, specializing in fashion, working both for editorial and commercial markets.
Paolo Esposito2
Paolo Esposito3
Paolo Esposito4
Paolo Esposito5
Paolo Esposito6
Paolo Esposito7

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