Friday, September 23, 2011

90 Celebrity Portraits by Lance Staedler

Lance Staedler
Lance Staedler specializes in photographing celebrities. The guy does fantastic work. Forget Olivia Wilde for a moment, look at how cool Don Cheadle looks. And Clive Owen. Staedler is one of the most famous photographers specialising in celebrity photoshoots.

Lance Staedler2
Lance Staedler3
Lance Staedler4
Lance Staedler5
Lance Staedler6
Lance Staedler7
Lance Staedler8
Lance Staedler9
Lance Staedler10
Lance Staedler11
Lance Staedler12
Lance Staedler13
Lance Staedler14
Lance Staedler15
Lance Staedler16
Lance Staedler17
Lance Staedler18
Lance Staedler19
Lance Staedler20
Lance Staedler21
Lance Staedler22
Lance Staedler23
Lance Staedler24
Lance Staedler25
Lance Staedler26
Lance Staedler27
Lance Staedler28
Lance Staedler29
Lance Staedler30
Lance Staedler31
Lance Staedler32
Lance Staedler33
Lance Staedler34
Lance Staedler35
Lance Staedler36
Lance Staedler37
Lance Staedler38
Lance Staedler39
Lance Staedler40
Lance Staedler41
Lance Staedler42
Lance Staedler43
Lance Staedler44
Lance Staedler45
Lance Staedler46
Lance Staedler47
Lance Staedler48
Lance Staedler49
Lance Staedler50
Lance Staedler51
Lance Staedler52
Lance Staedler53
Lance Staedler54
Lance Staedler55
Lance Staedler56
Lance Staedler57
Lance Staedler58
Lance Staedler59
Lance Staedler60
Lance Staedler61
Lance Staedler62
Lance Staedler63
Lance Staedler64
Lance Staedler65
Lance Staedler66
Lance Staedler67
Lance Staedler68
Lance Staedler69
Lance Staedler70
Lance Staedler71
Lance Staedler72
Lance Staedler73
Lance Staedler74
Lance Staedler75
Lance Staedler76
Lance Staedler77
Lance Staedler78
Lance Staedler79
Lance Staedler80
Lance Staedler81
Lance Staedler82
Lance Staedler83
Lance Staedler84
Lance Staedler85
Lance Staedler86
Lance Staedler87
Lance Staedler88
Lance Staedler89
Lance Staedler90

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