Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebrity Portrait Photography by Mark Seliger

Mark Seliger

Mark Seliger is an editorial photographer who was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. He currently lives and works in New York City, and is under contract to Conde Nast Publications, working for GQ and Vanity Fair. Until recently, Mark was the chief photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine for more than ten years, featuring stories on the worlds’ top musicians and actors

He has published several books including: Physiognomy, When They Came To Take My Father, Voices of the Holocaust, and most recently Lenny Kravitz/Mark Seliger. He is currently working on a new book yet to be titled Stairwell Series, due out Christmas 2005. His images have appeared in books such as Hip Hop Immortals, Crazy Sexy Cool, Brad Pitt, Images of Rock-N-Roll, Garcia and Cobain, Rolling Stone the Complete Covers 1967-1997.

Mark Seliger and Fred Woodward have co-directed numerous music videos and commercials: Candy Butchers “You Belong to Me”, Willie Nelson “Maria”, Lenny Kravitz “Stillness of Heart”,
Elvis Costello “She”, Hole "Violet", Paula Cole “I Don’t Want to Wait", Natalie Merchant “Kind
and Generous", Lenny Kravitz “I Belong to You”, Gillian Welch “Revelator”, The Gap “Missy Elliot”, “Aerosmith”, “LL Cool J”, Celebrity Cruises.

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