Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photography by Andrea Galvani

Andrea Galvani

Andrea Galvani was born in Verona in 1973. He lives and work in Milan and Bologna. Since 2006 he has been professor of Photographic Language and History of Contemporary Photography at the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti di Bergamo. Galvani’s work is very minimal and surreal. Most works feature a single subject or group of like subjects. Some feature people and many features animals such as horses, rabbits and other wildlife. one of the other major subjects in Galvani’s work is balloons.

Andrea Galvani2
Andrea Galvani3
Andrea Galvani4
Andrea Galvani5
Andrea Galvani6
Andrea Galvani7
Andrea Galvani8
Andrea Galvani9
Andrea Galvani10
Andrea Galvani11
Andrea Galvani12
Andrea Galvani13
Andrea Galvani14
Andrea Galvani15
Andrea Galvani16

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