Thursday, September 29, 2011

Portrait Photography by Sam Bassett

Sam Bassett

A conceptual artist, filmmaker and photographer, Sam Bassett was raised in Clinton, New Jersey. At fourteen Sam was an avid skateboarder and won a Rotary Club Amazing Kid In Business Award for his magic act. Bassett is a licensed pilot who began flying at age eleven. In 1991, at age thirteen, he flew relief missions during Hurricane Andrew. Sam graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, and was Captain of the 2000 Syracuse University National Championship Lacrosse Team. Bassett has filmed and photographed land baron Donald Trump, shoe design legend Guisesseppie Zanottie, fashion designer Narcsio Rogriguez, Oakland Raiders receiver Randy Moss, Olympic skier Bode Miller, champion tennis star Tommy Haas, and world renown writer JP Donlevey.

Sam Bassett2
Sam Bassett3
Sam Bassett4
Sam Bassett5
Sam Bassett6
Sam Bassett7
Sam Bassett8
Sam Bassett9
Sam Bassett10
Sam Bassett11
Sam Bassett12
Sam Bassett13
Sam Bassett15
Sam Bassett14
Sam Bassett16
Sam Bassett17
Sam Bassett18
Sam Bassett19
Sam Bassett20
Sam Bassett21

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