Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Black and White Photography by Andreas Feininger

Andreas Feininger

Andreas Bernhard Lyonel Feininger was a German American photographer, and writer on photographic technique, noted for his dynamic black-and-white scenes of Manhattan and studies of the structure of natural objects.

Feininger was born in Paris, France, to an American family of German origin. His father, painter Lyonel Feininger, was born in New York City, in 1871.His great-grandfather emigrated from Durlach, Baden, in Germany, to the United States in 1848. His younger brother was the artist T. Lux Feininger.

Feininger grew up and was educated as an architect in Germany, where his father painted and taught at Staatliches Bauhaus. In 1936, he gave up architecture itself, moved to Sweden, and focused on photography. In advance of World War II, in 1939, Feininger immigrated to the U.S. where he established himself as a freelance photographer and in 1943 joined the staff of Life magazine, an association that lasted until 1962.
Andreas Feininger2
Andreas Feininger3
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