Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Advertising Photography by David Prior

David Prior

David Prior is one of South Africa’s top advertising photographers and is soon to be based out of Cape Town. Specialising in liquids and beverage photography, but renowned for his work in lifestyle, portraiture and still life, David Prior is passionate about achieving constantly better images for his advertising clients.

Having shot his fair share of cars over the years, David prides himself in the art of studio lighting "the way it used to be", before the art of Photoshop took over. A car lit in one shot is somewhat more challenging.
David Prior2
David Prior3
David Prior4
David Prior5
David Prior6
David Prior7
David Prior8
David Prior9
David Prior10
David Prior11
David Prior12
David Prior13
David Prior14
David Prior15
David Prior16
David Prior17
David Prior18

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