Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still Life Photography by Paul Biddle

Paul Biddle

Paul Biddle is an award winning Fine Art Photographer. Working from his Studio in Devon , Paul is a technical perfectionist whose work has gained the respect of his profession for creating surrealistic and playful work of the highest technical standards - shot and composed "within camera". Recently Paul has added digital imaging techniques to his repertoire but continues to place the main emphasis when creating his work of maximizing the traditional skills of in camera photography and real world lighting.

Paul Biddle2
Paul Biddle3
Paul Biddle4
Paul Biddle5
Paul Biddle6
Paul Biddle7
Paul Biddle8
Paul Biddle9
Paul Biddle10
Paul Biddle11
Paul Biddle12
Paul Biddle13
Paul Biddle14
Paul Biddle15

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