Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photography by Tony Fouhse

Tony Fouhse

Tony Fouhse is an editorial and commercial photographer. However, from time to time, after clearing his desk, he travels to carry out personal projects. In the last little while he’s taken portraits down in Mississippi, Arkansas and New Jersey. These days Fouhse is achieving international attention and recognition for his compelling work that’s closer to home, shots of Ottawa Lowertown addicts.

Every day Fouhse finds himself in a different situation. Different circumstances. No matter, he always throws himself into the experience.
Tony Fouhse2
Tony Fouhse3
Tony Fouhse4
Tony Fouhse5
Tony Fouhse6
Tony Fouhse7
Tony Fouhse8
Tony Fouhse9
Tony Fouhse10
Tony Fouhse11
Tony Fouhse12

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