Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Portraits by Akihiro Furuta

Akihiro Furuta

Amazing portrait photography by Akihiro Furuta, talented photographer from Japan. His photos mostly depict his family and capture an honesty, intimacy, and joy that is nothing less than stunning.

Akihiro Furuta2
Akihiro Furuta3
Akihiro Furuta4
Akihiro Furuta5
Akihiro Furuta6
Akihiro Furuta7
Akihiro Furuta8
Akihiro Furuta9
Akihiro Furuta10
Akihiro Furuta11
Akihiro Furuta12
Akihiro Furuta13
Akihiro Furuta14
Akihiro Furuta15
Akihiro Furuta16

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