Thursday, September 22, 2011

Creative Photography by Zach Gold

Zach Gold

Zach Gold is responsible for fashion and commercial photography that blurs the line between art and image. A graduate of the producer of fantastic designers, Parsons School of Design, in 1997 Zach Gold has been selected as one of the Top 100 artists in New York City under 35 by New York Art Directors Club. His distinguished combination of camera and computer imaging have earned him a title as one of the first artists to ever create this type of photography art.

Zach Gold2
Zach Gold3
Zach Gold4
Zach Gold5
Zach Gold6
Zach Gold7
Zach Gold8
Zach Gold9
Zach Gold10
Zach Gold11
Zach Gold12
Zach Gold13
Zach Gold14
Zach Gold15
Zach Gold16
Zach Gold17

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