Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashion Photography by Marcel van der Vlugt

Marcel van der Vlugt

Marcel van der Vlugt has sucked in photography with his mother’s milk: his family lived above his parents’ photo studio in Naaldwijk in the Netherlands. During his study at the School of Photography in the Hague he already shot editorials for Dutch magazines and in 1979 he became assistant in Düsseldorf and London. There he took up a lot of experience by working both on remote locations and in the studio.

In the mean time he made autonomous work, which he exhibited in Eindhoven in 1981 for the first time. A year later he established himself as a photographer in Amsterdam.Since then he has succeeded extremely well in combining autonomous, advertising and fashion photography. From 1986 Van der Vlugt has been working exclusively with Polaroid film material. Instead of shooting several images per second, he rather makes one image in a few minutes.This apparently slow working method enables him to make his compositions very precise. Every exposure is a wellmade choice, a link in a long chain. Every new image can be compared with the previous ones and because of the immediacy of the endresult chance can be monitored consciously.

The special color character of the Polaroid film ads to the uniqueness of the image. He has received numerous awards for both editorial and advertsing work and tv commercials. The mix between freedom en ties can be viewed in his editorial work for magazines such as Avenue, Dutch, Bloom and View on Colour.
Marcel van der Vlugt2
Marcel van der Vlugt3
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Marcel van der Vlugt6
Marcel van der Vlugt7
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