Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photography by Namiko Kitaura

Namiko Kitaura

Namiko Kitaura was born in Tokyo in 1977. She has had experience as a freelance photographer in Tokyo/London/Paris, and as an artist in residence at Fabrica, the Benetton communication research center in Italy. She produces distinctive images with a strong, personal voice. The implied Romanticism within her works is both abstract and absolute. The images contemplate each other sensually, with a sense of graceful motion suspended in a non-temporal framework. She aims to visualize the almost invisible aspects of the human condition that lie below the physical, and their juxtaposition: passion in depression, comfort in sadness, tranquility in chaos and beauty in ugliness.

Namiko Kitaura2
Namiko Kitaura3
Namiko Kitaura4
Namiko Kitaura5
Namiko Kitaura6
Namiko Kitaura7
Namiko Kitaura8
Namiko Kitaura9
Namiko Kitaura10
Namiko Kitaura11

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