Monday, September 26, 2011

Surreal Photo Illustrations by Alastair Magnaldo

Alastair Magnaldo

Alastair Magnaldo who is influenced by his children and Japanese film maker Miyazaki creates these beautiful surreal-like photographic creations. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing the best of this mass of artist, and being truly inspired by them. Alastair Magnaldo is a man with immeasurable talent. His photos are for the ones who see stories all around them, the ones who dream of "lying on fluffy clouds or frolicking among the stars," and the ones who won’t let their imaginations flicker out like a dying flame.

Alastair Magnaldo2
Alastair Magnaldo3
Alastair Magnaldo4
Alastair Magnaldo5
Alastair Magnaldo6
Alastair Magnaldo7
Alastair Magnaldo8
Alastair Magnaldo9
Alastair Magnaldo10
Alastair Magnaldo11
Alastair Magnaldo12
Alastair Magnaldo13
Alastair Magnaldo14
Alastair Magnaldo15
Alastair Magnaldo16
Alastair Magnaldo17
Alastair Magnaldo18

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