Friday, September 16, 2011

Cavatorta Industries by Alessandro Puccinelli

Alessandro Puccinelli

Industrial Photography by Alessandro Puccinelli, professional photographer, living between Italy and Portugal, Alessandro specialized mainly in corporate photography done with a quite "loose" style, a sort of reportage photography for commercial purpose.

Alessandro Puccinelli2
Alessandro Puccinelli3
Alessandro Puccinelli4
Alessandro Puccinelli5
Alessandro Puccinelli6
Alessandro Puccinelli7
Alessandro Puccinelli8
Alessandro Puccinelli9
Alessandro Puccinelli10
Alessandro Puccinelli11
Alessandro Puccinelli12
Alessandro Puccinelli13
Alessandro Puccinelli14
Alessandro Puccinelli15
Alessandro Puccinelli16
Alessandro Puccinelli17
Alessandro Puccinelli18
Alessandro Puccinelli19
Alessandro Puccinelli20
Alessandro Puccinelli21
Alessandro Puccinelli22
Alessandro Puccinelli23

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