Saturday, September 17, 2011

Creative Photography by Kalle Gustafsson

Kalle Gustafsson

Kalle Gustafsson was born and raised in South Sweden. He studied film in Sydney and photography in Paris before spending two years in Stockholm as an assistant under fashion photographer Bersa. Kalles’s professional career has taken him around the globe and back working for clients like Paul Smith, Baldessarini, FILA, Twilfit, ATG, Nokia and Anteprima and number of editorial clients, such as Monocle, Fashiontale, Vision, Ryoko Tsushin and KING.

Kalle Gustafsson2
Kalle Gustafsson3
Kalle Gustafsson4
Kalle Gustafsson5
Kalle Gustafsson6
Kalle Gustafsson7
Kalle Gustafsson8
Kalle Gustafsson9
Kalle Gustafsson10
Kalle Gustafsson11
Kalle Gustafsson12
Kalle Gustafsson13
Kalle Gustafsson14
Kalle Gustafsson15

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