Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doppelganger self portraits by Cornelia Hediger

Cornelia Hediger

New York photographer Cornelia Hediger was born in Zurich, Switzerland and educated at Rutgers University. Her works are exhibited internationally, and she is among the Photo District News‘ 30 New & Emerging Artists to Watch, 2009. Doppelgänger means "double walker", an apparition or the ghostly double of a living person. It is a sinister being whose presence foretells bad luck and even death. This idea of an ominous double became my muse and I started to immerse myself in the literature of the subject while creating images photographically. Writer Adam Harrison Levy describes her use of six distinct photographs assembled into one overall image and her exploration of personal space in the photographs.

Cornelia Hediger2
Cornelia Hediger3
Cornelia Hediger4
Cornelia Hediger5
Cornelia Hediger6
Cornelia Hediger7
Cornelia Hediger8
Cornelia Hediger9
Cornelia Hediger10
Cornelia Hediger11
Cornelia Hediger12
Cornelia Hediger13
Cornelia Hediger14
Cornelia Hediger15
Cornelia Hediger16
Cornelia Hediger17
Cornelia Hediger18
Cornelia Hediger19
Cornelia Hediger20

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