Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fashion Photography by Carl Bengtsson

Carl Bengtsson

Beautiful fashion shoots by Carl Bengtsson, talented photographer, who was worked with clients such as Bergdorf Goodman, Jaeger, Aveda, Day, Harrods, Vogue, Elle, Financial Times and many more. He started photographing in the seventies, and I must say his experience glows through his work.

Carl Bengtsson2
Carl Bengtsson3
Carl Bengtsson4
Carl Bengtsson5
Carl Bengtsson6
Carl Bengtsson7
Carl Bengtsson8
Carl Bengtsson9
Carl Bengtsson10
Carl Bengtsson11
Carl Bengtsson12
Carl Bengtsson13
Carl Bengtsson14
Carl Bengtsson15
Carl Bengtsson16
Carl Bengtsson17
Carl Bengtsson18
Carl Bengtsson19
Carl Bengtsson20
Carl Bengtsson21
Carl Bengtsson22
Carl Bengtsson23
Carl Bengtsson24
Carl Bengtsson25

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