Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Photography by Karl Dickenson

Karl Dickenson

Born in England Karl Dickenson spent his childhood years between France and England. Attached to his British culture he began his photos career in the music industry.

In mid 90’s he found more inspiration in fashion photography. Karl has lead a succesfull career shooting for men’s and womens fashion magazines such as Officiel homme , Dased & Confused ,Vogue , Zoot , Edgar West East , Paris sur la terre , Trace , Femme ….…
Karl Dickenson2
Karl Dickenson3
Karl Dickenson4
Karl Dickenson5
Karl Dickenson6
Karl Dickenson7
Karl Dickenson8
Karl Dickenson9
Karl Dickenson10
Karl Dickenson11
Karl Dickenson12
Karl Dickenson13
Karl Dickenson14
Karl Dickenson15
Karl Dickenson16
Karl Dickenson17
Karl Dickenson18
Karl Dickenson19
Karl Dickenson20

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