Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Photography by Michel Comte

Michel Comte

Michel Comte was born in 1954 in Zurich, Switzerland. The professionally trained art restorer approached photography autodidactically. In 1978 Comte receives his first international assignments: advertising photographs for the Paris-based fashion houses of Ungaro and Chloé.

Michel Comte2
Michel Comte3
Michel Comte4
Michel Comte5
Michel Comte6
Michel Comte7
Michel Comte8
Michel Comte9
Michel Comte10
Michel Comte11
Michel Comte12
Michel Comte13
Michel Comte14
Michel Comte15
Michel Comte16
Michel Comte17
Michel Comte18
Michel Comte19
Michel Comte20
Michel Comte21
Michel Comte22
Michel Comte23
Michel Comte24
Michel Comte26
Michel Comte27
Michel Comte28
Michel Comte29

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