Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Landscape Photography by Jari Mantyla

Jari Mantyla

Beautiful landscapes by Jari Mantyla, awesome photographer from Finland, began his career since 1995, characterize by a variety types of photography such an abandoned, equipment and heavy machinery, urban life, humans, macro and many other expressive shots.

Jari Mantyla2
Jari Mantyla3
Jari Mantyla4
Jari Mantyla5
Jari Mantyla6
Jari Mantyla7
Jari Mantyla8
Jari Mantyla9
Jari Mantyla10
Jari Mantyla11
Jari Mantyla12
Jari Mantyla13
Jari Mantyla14
Jari Mantyla15
Jari Mantyla16
Jari Mantyla17
Jari Mantyla18
Jari Mantyla19
Jari Mantyla20
Jari Mantyla21
Jari Mantyla22

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