Sunday, September 18, 2011

Man Babies by Paul Ripke

Paul Ripke

Paul Ripke, a professional photographer from Hamburg, likes sports - not only privately, but also professionally. And he likes the action that any photo shooting may involve. We asked him about the fun of producing making-of videos, posts in social media and the thrilling photo shootings he has experienced. The photos, created by top advertising photographer Paul Ripke, are so eye-catching that they have swept across the world online. Currently being exhibited in Paul’s native Hamburg, Germany, ’Man Babies’, took 45 different parents and their children to put together.

Expertly re-touched by Paul, 30 and his team of two professional photoshop friends, the unsettling images show fashionably dressed mothers swapping bodies with their dummy-sucking babies.

’This is a pure piece of fun designed to test the limits of photoshop which of course I use in my professional capacity,’ Mr Ripke said.
Paul Ripke2
Paul Ripke3
Paul Ripke4
Paul Ripke5
Paul Ripke6
Paul Ripke7
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