Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photography by Fabrizio Mingarelli

Fabrizio Mingarelli

Photographer Fabrizio Mingarelli was born and raised in Italy, and is currently based in Rome where he studies architecture. His passion for the camera began at the age of 14 when his parents bought him a “useless kodak compact”, but that didn’t stop him from from developing a love for the end result: a photo.

Fabrizio Mingarelli2
Fabrizio Mingarelli3
Fabrizio Mingarelli4
Fabrizio Mingarelli5
Fabrizio Mingarelli6
Fabrizio Mingarelli7
Fabrizio Mingarelli8
Fabrizio Mingarelli9
Fabrizio Mingarelli10
Fabrizio Mingarelli11
Fabrizio Mingarelli12
Fabrizio Mingarelli13
Fabrizio Mingarelli14
Fabrizio Mingarelli15

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