Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photography by Jordi Huisman

Jordi Huisman

Jordi Huisman is talented male freelance photographer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jordi was born in Almere, The Netherlands in 1982. After a BSc at Engineering, Design & Innovation he attended the KABK art academy in The Hague to study photography.

Jordi Huisman2
Jordi Huisman3
Jordi Huisman4
Jordi Huisman5
Jordi Huisman6
Jordi Huisman7
Jordi Huisman8
Jordi Huisman9
Jordi Huisman10
Jordi Huisman11
Jordi Huisman12
Jordi Huisman13
Jordi Huisman14
Jordi Huisman15
Jordi Huisman16

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