Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photography by Lisa Smit

Lisa Smit

Lisa Smit is a real wild girl born in Holland, grew up between her Land and Australia ,with animal less wild that she is. A girl hungry of photography, she take photos of all her eyes can see day by day, potraits, concerts, and selfs so intimate that I love so much, with her horizons and cuts. Lisa is a girl to know, so funny, who loves to write and drawing and, to make matters worse, she study medicine at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Lisa Smit2
Lisa Smit3
Lisa Smit4
Lisa Smit5
Lisa Smit6
Lisa Smit7
Lisa Smit8
Lisa Smit9
Lisa Smit10
Lisa Smit11
Lisa Smit12
Lisa Smit13
Lisa Smit14
Lisa Smit15

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