Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photography by Melanie Acevedo

Melanie Acevedo

Melanie Acevedo lives in New York City with her husband Richard, their daughter Violet and son Rockwell. They spend their free time, in Bucks Country Pennsylvania where they have a converted a 200 year old chicken Farm into a lovely weekend home.

Melanie Acevedo2
Melanie Acevedo3
Melanie Acevedo4
Melanie Acevedo5
Melanie Acevedo6
Melanie Acevedo7
Melanie Acevedo8
Melanie Acevedo9
Melanie Acevedo10
Melanie Acevedo11
Melanie Acevedo12
Melanie Acevedo13
Melanie Acevedo14
Melanie Acevedo15
Melanie Acevedo16
Melanie Acevedo17
Melanie Acevedo18
Melanie Acevedo19
Melanie Acevedo20
Melanie Acevedo21
Melanie Acevedo22
Melanie Acevedo23
Melanie Acevedo24
Melanie Acevedo25

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