Saturday, September 17, 2011

Portrait Photography by Derek Ridgers

Derek Ridgers

Derek Ridgers is an established and well-known English photographer with a career spanning over thirty years. Most famous for his work among the milieu of music, film and club/street culture - photographing everyone from James Brown to The Spice Girls, from Clint Eastwood to Johnny Depp - as well as photographing politicians, gangsters artists ,writers, fashion designers and sportsmen.

He has also compiled an almost unrivalled image archive during three decades of visually chronicling famous and sometimes influential British social scenes such as skinhead, fetish, club, punk and the New Romantics.
Derek Ridgers2
Derek Ridgers3
Derek Ridgers4
Derek Ridgers5
Derek Ridgers6
Derek Ridgers7
Derek Ridgers8
Derek Ridgers9
Derek Ridgers10
Derek Ridgers11
Derek Ridgers12
Derek Ridgers13
Derek Ridgers14
Derek Ridgers15
Derek Ridgers16
Derek Ridgers17
Derek Ridgers18
Derek Ridgers19
Derek Ridgers20

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